What is the average turn-around time?

• We typically strive for a maximum turn-around time of 10 business days. We do reserve the right to extend the review time on large projects for quality assurance, but this is extremely rare to occur. We do offer Rush Plan Review Services with a turn-around of three days for an additional fee.

How does this process work exactly?

• The contractor submits their plans, supporting documents and fee to us. We review them for compliance with the applicable fire protection and life safety codes and standards for the municipality. We then send a letter summarizing our findings identifying deficiencies to the jurisdiction. The jurisdiction then makes the decision of whether the plans are approved as submitted. When the jurisdiction is sent the letter, we also send the applicant notification of completion and a sales receipt.

How do I get my plans, supporting documents and fees to LFP?

• All plans should be submitted directly to LFP electronically at Payment must be sent via check. Unless you have specific instructions from the jurisdiction, submittals for LFP review should not be submitted to the jurisdiction.

What exactly should be included in my plans and supporting documents?

• Incomplete submittals will delay plan review turn-around times, to ensure you are submitting all required documentation, please visit the submittal information page for requirements for each type of submittal.

Where can I find a fee schedule and pay for a review to be completed?

• E-mail to request a fee schedule, current update was as of September 1, 2018. We do not accept credit cards, so please mail in a check to Lund Fire Protection, PO Box 459 Norwalk, IA 50211.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

• Send an email to with your questions.