WHY LUND FIRE PROTECTION: Frequently Asked Questions by Municipalities

Why does a municipality need a technical review of fire protection systems?

• Fire protection systems are minimum code requirements in many buildings because of the fire risk which the building imposes upon its occupants, emergency responders, and the community in which the building is constructed. Properly designed and installed fire protection systems are essential in managing fire risk in the built environment. Quality, in-depth, and timely fire protection system plan review ensures that the fire protection system implementation process starts in the right direction.
• Relatively few municipalities have internal highly-trained personnel to conduct quality, in-depth, and timely reviews of all types of fire protection systems. Even when municipalities do have personnel in these positions, they are frequently understaffed. The provisions of the building codes which allow municipalities to retain the services of a third-party plan reviewer were designed specifically to ensure communities without adequate resources to be provided with an equal level of safety from the effects of fire.
• Most municipalities are familiar with the pressure (sometimes political) to accelerate a project through the approval process. Utilization of a highly qualified third party plan reviewer provides a support system for the municipality to turn plans around more quickly, accurately review complex projects, and provide sound engineering justification for submittal rejection when necessary.

Why would a municipality want to exclusively utilize Lund Fire Protection for their plan review?

• Trust. A third-party plan review service will not be optimally utilized until the municipality appropriately trusts the review service. This level of trust is not earned on the first plan review. This level of trust is developed over a period of time which includes multiple plan reviews, meetings, phone calls, training sessions, and other services which we are eager to provide. We want to earn your trust.

What deliverables to the municipality are included with each plan review?

• LFP will annotate each submittal and develop an accompanying review letter. The letter will explain each deficiency, its location, and the associated corrective action. Each submittal markup will reference the associated review comment in the letter for rapid and clear identification by the municipality.

How do Lund Fire Protection clients describe their experience?

What are the other benefits of contracting with Lund Fire Protection for third party technical reviews of fire protection systems?

• Associated costs for technical reviews are paid for solely by the fire protection contractor responsible for designing and installing the system. This practice allows municipalities to ensure that systems are designed in accordance with national standards without incurring any additional cost.
• LFP exclusively works on behalf of municipalities. This allows LFP to provide uncompromising and unbiased reviews. LFP’s focus is on that of the municipalities best interest. This helps to ensure firefighter and occupant safety without any possible conflict of interest.

What are Lund Fire Protection’s technical qualifications?

• LFP staff includes individuals who are licensed fire protection engineers with career experience in the fire service, municipality fire prevention offices, design engineering, and code consulting for projects across the globe performed for local government, state government, federal government, and private clients.
• LFP staff also has experience in fire departments, fire chief/fire marshal associations, city building code board of appeals, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, and other experiences which make our team uniquely qualified and well-rounded to provide unmatched plan review services.

How can the municipality manage adjustments to LFP’s fee structure?

• The contract between the municipality and LFP includes a set fee structure which is applicable for the duration of the contract. Should economic conditions require an adjustment to the fee structure, LFP will provide advanced written notice which will allow the municipality and LFP time to evaluate and discuss the impacts of the proposed fee structure adjustments. Although fees may change over the course of time, most contractual agreements between municipalities and LFP are structured to pass associated costs on to the submitting contractor.

What municipalities does Lund Fire Protection currently serve?

• Cedar Falls, Iowa • Clive, Iowa • Indianola, Iowa • North Liberty, Iowa • Norwalk, Iowa • Waterloo, Iowa • Waukee, Iowa • West Des Moines, Iowa • Windsor Heights, Iowa

Municipalities whom we currently serve:

How does a municipality request plan review services from Lund Fire Protection?

• Plan review services can be on a as needed or more frequent basis. The leadership at LFP would enjoy explaining to you the benefits of a formal relationship to establish consistent plan review services for your jurisdiction. Please reach out via e-mail to: info@lundfp.com or call 515-981-0912.

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This document is designed to provide answers to many common questions that arise when discussing a formal relationship between a municipality and Lund Fire Protection.

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